Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goines' top 5 upcoming movies 2012

1. Prometheus
Ridley Scott back to his roots! It's claimed to be the prequel of the "Alien" movies. Let us not forget that it was mr. Scott who directed the first (and the only worth watching, in my opinion) Alien movie.
A group of explorers embark on a mysterious and dark journey to discover the origins of mankind... sounds ambitious, yet promising!  (extra: starring Michael Fassbender! love that guy)
IMDb: Prometheus

2. The Dark Knight rises
Really don't need to explain this to the Dark Knight series fans. The trailer gives you the creeps (the little kid singing The Star-Spangled Banner, followed by Bane's voice), so if that is any indication for the rest of the movie (i know, that's risky to say), this will be a nerve-wrecking, pumped up action movie with a good storyline. Also: Bane is played by ultimate bad-ass Tom Hardy.
IMDb: The Dark Knight rises

3. The Hunger Games
Couple of things: A movie based on a good book always gives me a certain reassurance that the storyline will be OK (though it's easy to screw up the rest). Also: Battle Royale anyone? This awesome cult movie popped in my head after reading the story. Yes, must see.
IMDb: The Hunger Games

4. Brake
Now here's a cool idea: put a guy in a trunk and shoot a movie about it. Similar to "Buried", with Ryan Reynolds, the success of this movie will rely heavily on the skills of the actor (here: Stephen Dorff). The director, Gabe Torres, is mostly known for TV series. Let's see how that works out.
IMDb: Brake

5. Mirror Mirror
What can i say, i'm a sucker for fairytales, especially when the evil queen is played by Julia Roberts. Besides that, this snow-white movie is shot by the illustrious Tarsem Singh (favorite of mine since "The Fall").
IMDb: Mirror Mirror

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