Welcome to Marked Movies!

This is a movie weblog, designed by two friends who are both passioned about movies. We do not pretend to be all-knowing experts on the motion picture field, but we do love watching a good movie, and that's really what this blog is all about. 

After watching numerous movies, and hours of elaborate debating about every - sometimes ridiculously minute - detail, we figured it was time to release our undisguised and honest opinion about both new and old movies we see on the world.

Our goal is to discuss what we saw, what we think was good or what we think stinks, to focus on certain remarkable issues, and most of all, to get people to really watch a movie (and hopefully get a reaction).
We will mostly focus on new movies, though some old classics will sometimes undergo our critical gaze as well (and, please, suggestions are welcome).

Apart from the reviews, we will try to give you the latest "heads-up" about upcoming movies or events, and add some fun with a cool picture, cartoon or film every now and then.

I wish you all an inspiring stay on this blog!